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Access to Files: Data and Documentation
Study Number: 670
Catalog Date: 5/29/98
Title: Census of Population and Housing, 1990 [United States]: Public Use Microdata Sample: 8% (A+O Sample) [Elderly]
Primary Investigator(s): Anderson, Al, Lisa Neidert
Source: PSC
Restrictions on Access: No
Survey Time Period:
Abstract: These data from the 1990 Census comprise a sample of households with at least one person 60 years and older, plus a sample of persons 60 years and older in group quarters. The data are grouped into housing variables and person variables. Housing variables include area type, state and area of residence, farm/nonfarm status, type of structure, year structure was built, vacancy and boarded-up status, number of rooms and bedrooms, presence or absence of a telephone, presence or absence of complete kitchen and plumbing facilities, type of sewage facilities, type of water source, type of heating fuel used, property value, tenure, year moved into house/apartment, type of household/family, type of group quarters, household language, number of persons in the household, number of persons and workers in the family, status of mortgage, second mortgage, and home equity loan, number of vehicles available, household income, sales of agricultural products, payments for rent, mortgage and property tax, condominium fees, mobile home costs, and cost of electricity, water, heating fuel, and flood/fire/hazard insurance. Person variables cover age, sex, relationship to householder, educational attainment, school enrollment, race, Hispanic origin, ancestry, language spoken at home, citizenship, place of birth, year of immigration, place of residence in 1985, marital status, number of children ever born, military service, mobility and personal care limitation, work limitation status, employment status, occupation, industry, class of worker, hours worked last week, weeks worked in 1989, usual hours worked per week, temporary absence from work, place of work, time of departure for work, travel time to work, means of transportation to work, total earnings, total income, wages and salary income, farm and nonfarm self-employment income, Social Security income, public assistance income, retirement income, and rent, dividends, and net rental income.
Universe: All persons and housing units in the United States