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Purvi Sevak

Associate Professor

Hunter College

Purvi Sevak is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Hunter College at the City University of New York. She received her Ph.D. (2002) and M.A. (1998) degrees in Economics at the University of Michigan. Before attending graduate school at Michigan, she received a B.S. degree (1995) in Policy Analysis from Cornell University and spent two years as a research assistant for the Lewin Group, a health policy consulting firm in Virginia.

Professor Sevak's research to date has concentrated on issues related to retirement savings. While at Michigan, Sevak received the Steven Sandell Dissertation award from the MRRC for her research on the effect of the stock market boom in the late 1990s on retirement behavior. She is currently working on projects examining how immigrants fare in retirement and how house prices effect retirement. She recently completed an MRRC funded study examining labor supply elasticities of older workers. Her research portfolio also includes work on the financial consequences of widowhood, the interaction of welfare reform and the SSI program, and the responsiveness of retiree residential location to property taxes.

Associated Research Projects

UM12-21: The Great Recession, Workers with Disabilities and Implications for Retirement Security
UM12-20: Recessionary Impacts on SSI Participation
UM11-13: Macroeconomic Conditions and Updating of Expectations by Older Americans
UM08-02: Immigrant-Native Fertility and Mortality Differentials in the United States
UM07-20: Housing Prices, "Bubbles" and Retirement Timing
UM07-09: How do Immigrants Fare in Retirement?
UM06-18: Health Risk in Retirement and Retirement Wealth
UM06-08: Labor Supply of Older Americans: Effects of Tax Rates and Tax Treatment of Pension and Social Security Income
UM05-12: Gender, Marriage, and Asset Accumulation in the United States
UM03-S1: Jr Scholar Research: "Do The Newly Retired Adjust Their Consumption or Labor Supply When Their Retirement Wealth Drops?"
UM00-D1: Dissertation Research: Wealth Shocks and Retirement Timing
UM99-05: The Impact of Widowhood on the Economic Status of Women
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