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Nicole Maestas

Associate Professor of Health Care Policy

Harvard University

Nicole Maestas (Ph.D., Economics, UC Berkeley) is an associate professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School. Her research studies how the health and disability insurance systems affect individual economic behaviors, such as labor supply and the consumption of medical care.

Associated Research Projects

UM17-08: Understanding Job and Retirement Transitions
UM16-17: Working Conditions and Sustainable Work at Older Ages: An International Perspective
UM16-08: Job Demands and Job Sustainability Over the Life Course
UM15-03: Working Conditions over the Life Course
UM12-18: Does Disability Insurance Save Lives?
UM12-17: SSDI and Healthcare Reform: Evidence from Massachusetts
UM11-Q1: Induced Entry into the SSDI Program: Using SGA Changes as a Natural Experiment
UM11-14: Labor Market Shocks and the Timing of Social Security Benefit Claims
UM11-01: What Are the Real Application Costs of SSDI? The Effect of Waiting Time on Labor Force Participation and Earnings
UM10-04: Consistency of the Disability Determination Process and Labor Supply Outcomes
UM10-01: The Labor Supply Effects of Disability Insurance Work Disincentives: Evidence from Administrative Data
UM08-21: Are Early Retirees Less Healthy? The Role of Health in Social Security Claiming Decisions
UM08-13: Labor Supply Effects of the Interaction Between Social Security Disability and Retirement Benefits
UM07-18: A Cross-National Comparison of Self-employment Dynamics at Older Ages
UM07-03: A Model of Unretirement
UM06-21: Rising Economic Risk and the Labor Supply of Older Workers
UM03-15: Back to Work: Trends in Post-Retirement Employment
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