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Dmitriy Stolyarov

Associate Professor of Economics and MRRC Associate Director

University of Michigan

Dmitriy Stolyarov is an associate professor of economics  at the University of Michigan. He is also associate director of the Michigan Retirement Research Center and the Life-Cycle Economics Department at the Institute for Social Research. His primary research interest is macroeconomic theory, with a focus on microeconomic foundations.

Associated Research Projects

UM16-Q2: Joint analysis of the long-run interest rate, productivity growth, and demographics in the U.S. and the global economy
UM13-06: Macroeconomic Determinants of Retirement Timing
UM12-01: Technological Progress and the Earnings of Older Workers
UM07-15: Trends in the Labor Force Participation of Married Women
UM06-10: Home Production by Dual Earner Couples and Consumption During Retirement
UM05-04: Technological Progress and Worker Productivity at Different Ages
UM04-14: Life-Cycle Saving in Dual-Earner Households
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