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Adeline Delavande

University of Essex

Adeline Delavande is professor of economics at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom (since 9/2011). She received her Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University in June 2004 under the supervision of Charles F. Manski. Previously, she was an economist at RAND Corporation and assistant professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal. She has considerable experience in collecting and analyzing expectations data in developed and developing countries, and on how to use elicited expectations to make inferences on behaviour, with applications related to contraception, schooling, risky sexual behaviour and retirement planning. Her work includes analyzing the role of visual aids for the elicitation of probabilistic expectations, how individuals revise their subjective expectations upon receiving new information, how survival expectations influence Social Security claiming decisions in the U.S. and risky behavior in a high HIV-prevalence environment, and how uncertainty about future Social Security benefits influences retirement planning.

Associated Research Projects

UM12-06: Expectations about Social Security and Retirement Planning: The Role of Uncertainty and the Impact of Economic Shocks
UM08-08: Individuals’ Uncertainty about Their Future Social Security Benefits
UM08-07: Early Social Security Claiming and Cognitive Resources
UM07-04: Managing the Risk of Life
UM06-09: Probabilistic Thinking and Early Social Security Claiming
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