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David Weir

Research Professor and Director, Health and Retirement Study

University of Michigan

David R. Weir is Research Professor in the Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan. He is the Principal Investigator of the Health and Retirement Study, a longitudinal study of over 25,000 persons over age 50 in the United States, which is supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). He serves on the Executive Committee of the Michigan Retirement Research Center.

Associated Research Projects

UM18-03: Can Medicare Records Improve the Social Security Administration’s Representative Payee System?
UM16-11: Cohort Changes in Social Security Benefits and Pension Wealth
UM15-Q2: Racial Differences in the Use of VA Health Services
UM12-11: Personality Traits and Economic Preparation for Retirement
UM11-09: Personality and Response to the Financial Crisis
UM10-13: Personality, Lifetime Earnings, and Retirement Wealth
UM08-Q1: Pension Plan Documents from Government Sources
UM07-06: Extra Help: Take-up of the Social Security Administration’s Low-Income Subsidy Program for Part D of Medicare in 2006.
UM00-09: Families, Markets and Social Insurance
UM99-05: The Impact of Widowhood on the Economic Status of Women
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