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Brooke Helppie McFall

Assistant Research Scientist, ISR, University of Michigan

University of Michigan

Brooke Helppie McFall is an assistant research scientist at the Survey Research Center within the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. Dr. McFall is a labor economist with an interest in survey research. Her research interests include retirement decision making and the role of occupation and cognition on retirement decisions. McFall received her PhD in economics from the University of Michigan in 2011. She holds a BA in economics from the University of California at Davis.

Associated Research Projects

UM18-06: Validity and Reliability of Machine Coding of Occupation & Industry in the Health and Retirement Study
UM17-Q2: Literature review of characteristics of second-career occupations
UM16-10: Issue Brief: Occupational Differences in Rates of Cognitive Decline
UM16-03: Occupational Transitions Among Older Workers
UM15-01: Changing Work Demands and Compositional Changes in Occupations: Effects on Expected Retirement
UM10-08: Cognitive Function and Financial Knowledge: A Human Capital Approach
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