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Hugo A. Benítez-Silva

Assistant Professor

SUNY-Stony Brook

Hugo Benítez-Silva obtained his M.A., M.Ph., and Ph.D. in economics from Yale University in December 2000. He is associate professor at SUNY-Stony Brook,  with tenure. He is also Director of Graduate Studies in economics at SUNY-Stony Brook.  His research includes contributions to the analyses of disability programs in the United States, dynamic life-cycle models of annuity and portfolio decisions with an emphasis on modeling the effects of uncertainty in wage income and capital investments, the study of retirement and longevity expectations, and the labor supply effects of the early retirement rules. His current work includes the estimation of a dynamic structural life-cycle model of retirement and disability, a dynamic analyzes of job search behavior among older Americans, the housing market, the link between Social Security information and well being, and the connection between health investments and retirement behavior. His research projects have received support from the Michigan Retirement Research Center, the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the TIAA-CREF Institute, the Economic Research Initiative for the Uninsured through the RWJ Foundation, and the NIA-NIH. His work has been cited in the New York Times, and the U.S. News and World Report, and published in numerous international journals in economics.

Associated Research Projects

UM15-13: Medicare Expenditures, Social Security Reform, and the Labor Force Participation of Older Americans
UM11-07: Effects of Legal and Unauthorized Immigration on the U.S. Social Security System
UM09-11: Social Security Literacy and Retirement Well-Being
UM08-09: Early Retirement, Labor Supply, and Benefit Withholding
UM06-17: Evaluating Social Security Reforms using Probabilistic Population Forecasts in a Life-cycle Model of Social Insurance
UM03-11: Household Retirement Expectations, Social Security Reform, and Savings Adequacy
UM03-09: Labor Supply Flexibility and Portfolio Decisions of Older Americans
UM02-11: Dynamic Retirement Expectations using the Health and Retirement Study
UM02-01: The Annuity Puzzle Revisited: Implications for Social Security Reform
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