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Key Findings Details

The Great Recession, Older Workers with Disabilities, and Implications for Retirement Security
Onur Altindag, Lucie Schmidt and Purvi Sevak
WP 2012-277

  • While the Great Recession is associated with decreases in employment for the overall HRS sample, we find no evidence that these decreases are larger for those individuals who are in poor health and at risk of disability. 
  • However, respondents in poor underlying health are significantly more likely to report that they are no longer at their previous job and that their job loss was involuntary.
  • We also find recession-related declines in consumption that are significantly larger for those in poor health.
  • Holding underlying health conditions constant, self-reporting of health-related work limitations was 3.6 percentage points more likely in 2010 than in 2006. 

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