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MRRC Newsletter: Volume 17, Issue 3 - September 2017

Director’s corner

John Laitner recaps highlights from the 2017 RRC meeting.

Researchers examine longer work lives

The annual Retirement Research Consortium meeting showcases the current crop of research projects from the RRC’s three research centers — Michigan Retirement Research Center, NBER Retirement Research Center, and Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. Video, slides, and papers for all the talks are available on the CRR website.

No retiree is an island

RRC session examines how family dynamics affect wealth, retirement.

Further reading on RRC topics

While the working papers for most of the projects presented at the RRC meeting will not be available until later this year, other papers on related subjects are available at MRRC’s website. Some suggestions:

News from MRRC researchers

Academic publications, media sightings, and conference presentations from our authors.

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