JPSM Short Courses


Course fees vary from course to course. Please check the course information for specific course fees.

Registrants are comprised of participants, sponsor affiliates, full-time university students, and fellowship applicants. Please check the JPSM sponsor affiliate list to determine your course fee. Please check the fellowship details to determine if you qualify.



The Joint Program in Survey Methodology strives to increase the number of survey professionals from groups traditionally under-represented in the field. As part of this effort, a limited number of competitive fellowships are available to African-Americans, Latinos, Hispanic Americans, and Native American Indians for the short course. The registrant must be a US citizen or permanent resident.

Application Requirements

What is included in the Fellowship Award

The fellowship covers the registration fee, materials to be distributed during the course, JPSM group continental breakfasts, lunches and breaks.


If you are applying for a fellowship please register early. Please check the course information for application deadlines.

Evaluation Procedure

A committee of members of the JPSM will evaluate the applications and announce the successful applicants. Applicants can learn the status of their application by contactingJPSM.


Credit card payment is required. Payment may be done either at the time of registration or later using the registration number. Please check the course information for specific contact information, payment methods and deadlines.

JPSM Michigan prefers online payment at PayPal is used for credit card processing. The charges that appear on your credit card will be from the "Institute for Social Research". Payments may also be phoned in to 800.937.9320 or faxed to 734.764.8263. Michigan fax form link

JPSM Maryland payments should be faxed to 301.314.7912. Maryland Payment form link


Online registration is required. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent after the registration form has been processed. Registration is not firm until you receive an acceptance email. The email will include directions to the course. The automatic web registration number is not an acceptance letter.


Please notify JPSM as soon as possible if you need to cancel your registration. Cancellation requests should be done online. Please check under the course information for cancellation deadlines.

Sponsor Affiliates

To receive the sponsor affiliate rate you must be a regular employee of the sponsor or affiliate. If your agency is not the list below then you are a participant.